"Huntsman enriches lives through innovation. We are committed to developing new chemistries to create a more sustainable future for our planet, people and precious resources."

As a leading global chemicals company, we are continually exploring innovative ways to bring greater efficiencies, effectiveness and sustainability to our customers, and their consumers, across diverse markets.

Climate change, population growth, urbanization, energy depletion and risks to food security are driving an acute need to manage water more effectively. That's why we are dedicating our expertise, experience and resources to tackle water scarcity as a matter of urgency.

While millions suffer with too little water, for others floods are a growing threat. The challenge is to be smarter about water management.

With the world's finite water supplies under severe pressure, there is a need to create new solutions that can help manage water more intelligently. This realization led us to develop VYDRO substrate, a completely new type of lightweight material for growing plants. Dramatically outperforming conventional plant substrates with its ability to absorb 100% more water, VYDRO substrate offers unlimited potential to bring the benefits of smart water management to new markets and billions of people worldwide.

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With outstanding absorption properties, VYDRO® substrate really is an intelligent innovation. It stores the optimum mix of air and water to ensure perfect plant growth.

VYDRO substrate is a hydrophilic material unlike any other currently available. An exciting breakthrough in smart water management, it is a highly versatile plant-growing medium. Extremely lightweight, this porous, chemically inert foam can absorb up to 30 times its own weight in water keeping it 'locked in' to prevent casual loss through evaporation. Proven and effective, it offers superior performance for green roofs, SkyGardens, living walls plus horticultural and recreational applications for a wide variety of growing environments, climates and plant types.

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