"With VYDRO® substrate, the sky is the limit for creating greener, cleaner urban landscapes better for people and the planet."

An architectural revolution is underway with living green roofs and skyrise gardens taking root in towns and cities.

Green roofs are a proven, eco-friendly way to create more sustainable buildings. Favored for their insulating effect, they can help offset the negative impacts of climate change and urbanization. Globally, the drive to encourage green roof development is being supported by a surge of incentives and legislation. To meet rising demand, VYDRO substrate makes the installation of green roofs a viable option for new build as well as older properties.

Green roofs create multiple sustainability benefits in urban zones:

  • Roofs account for 50% of sealed surfaces in urban areas with 80% of roof rainwater running to waste, increasing the risk of storm water damage; by capturing over 50% of this water, green roofs help control water flow and reduce local flood risk
  • Air quality is improved by introducing plants that act as filters to absorb pollutants
  • Foliage has a dampening effect on sound, reducing noise pollution
  • Greening hard roof surfaces helps mitigate the urban heat island effect caused by heat-absorbent hard surfaces
  • Biodiversity is encouraged with vegetation that forms habitats for insects, birds and wildlife.

photo of city sky garden
photo of leafy canopy

With outstanding properties tailored for green roofs, VYDRO® substrate makes it easier to create sustainable buildings.

Historically the growth of green roofs has been limited by practical constraints. VYDRO substrate changes all this. Proven where conventional, heavier substrates fail, it makes extensive and intensive green roofs a practical option in places where they were once unfeasible. The advantages are compelling:

  • At just 30kg per square meter, VYDRO substrate is lighter than other green roof materials and therefore much easier to transport and install
  • VYDRO substrate can absorb up to 30 times its own weight in water; fully loaded it is up to 50% lighter than conventional green roof solutions, dramatically reducing structural stresses a major benefit on retrofit projects where weight load is a critical factor
  • With water absorption characteristics, superior to other materials, thinner layers of VYDRO substrate can be used to achieve comparable plant growth
  • The insulating properties of VYDRO substrate can minimize temperature loss from a building, helping to reduce energy use and cut heating and cooling costs by up to 5%

The economic and sustainability benefits of VYDRO® substrate make it ideal for any green roof application.

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