Huntsman Polyurethanes launches VYDRO® substrate at Singapore conference.

In November 2010 the Huntsman Polyurethanes VYDRO Water Management Team travelled to Singapore to exhibit at the inaugural International Skyrise Greenery Conference - the only event of its kind in Asia-Pacific dedicated to living roofs and walls, and the products and services that enable their installation.

Taking VYDRO substrate to its first industry event, the team's main objective was to raise awareness of the technology and position it as a brand leader in water management. They also wanted to make contact with key industry players who might specify the foam for individual projects or incorporate it into their portfolio.

The event proved extremely successful. Over 300 prospects from around the world visited the Huntsman Polyurethanes exhibition stand to find out more about VYDRO substrate, its unique properties and the benefits it can bring to a wide range of planting projects.

WGRC 2010
WGRC 2010

The event also provided the team with networking opportunities with academics, architects, government officials and world renowned industry experts including Patrick Blanc, inventor of the vertical greenery concept; and Dr. Ken Yeang - a leading designer and recognized authority on ecologically-responsible architecture.

Huntsman Polyurethanes was supported at International Skyrise Greenery by IBIC, a Belgian firm that creates specialist green sedum and grass covered roofs, and is an advocate of VYDRO substrate.

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